The Heartbreaking Story of a Dog Who Was Found With Eyes and Mouth Glued Makes the News

I could never understand how some people can intentionally harm animals. These animals, especially the dogs, are very loyal and love their owners.

However, there are unfortunate cases in which animals are discovered mistreated and mocked by former owners. This is the case we will talk about today. A dog was recently discovered on the roadside by a passerby.

This dog was almost dead, he had mouth and eyes glued. The passer-by noticed how the dog was struggling to survive on the roadside.

The woman stopped the car immediately and couldn’t believe what she saw. This poor dog had eyes and mouth glued.

The woman managed to take the dog off the road and take him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The dog has fully recovered and the woman who rescued him said she offered $ 5,000 for any information that led to the arrest of the person who mistreated and abandoned this dog.

In the meantime, this dog who is out of danger has found a new family. The new family is extremely loving and considers him a member of the family.

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