The Bee is Declared The Most Important Species on Earth – See why

Bees are everywhere, and they can be seen in almost any natural environment such as gardens, forests, fields, etc. They are appreciated for their ability to produce honey, one of the most important sources of food in the world.

For many people, these little bugs are a total nightmare, and they are afraid of them because of their nasty sting, which can carry out tragic consequences if someone happens to be allergic.

In spite of that, humans would have a hard time living without them. The bee population has declined by almost 90% due to human interference. Among the many things that propitiated this situation are deforestation, the increasing use of pesticides, etc.

According to experts, bees are the only living thing on Earth that is unable to contract diseases or even carry any type of pathogen. Moreover, they are also very important to the sustainability of human beings. Almost 70% of all the world’s food production relies on bees.

As you can see, we better take care of these little creatures because they contribute to making our lives more easier and safer.

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