These 4 Little Girls Reunite After They Beat Cancer in the Same Hospital – See Their Story

Among the most frustrating and tragic nature of our world, childhood cancer is perhaps the most devastating and frustrating.

Almost three years ago, McKinley, Chloe, Ava, and Lauren were all in the same hospital in Florida while they were receiving the same treatment for cancer. It was indeed a difficult moment both for them as for their families.

However, last year the four girls were able to gather together for a photo.

The girls return each year to the same hospital for a picture. This time marks the first time they’ve been in remission. That means that fortunately the four little girls successfully overcame their cancer.

McKinley, Ava, and Lauren suffered from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, while Chloe had a rare form of lung cancer.

Cases like these make us recover our faith in life and it warms our hearts every time we stumbled upon miracles like these.

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