Sleeping in a Cold Room Helps You Remove The Stress and Go To Sleep Quicker

My wife used to keep the air conditioner on at a low temperature, something that kind of bothered me in away. Just for you to imagine, it was summer and I had to put two covers due to the coldness of the room.

However, it turned out that according to experts, sleeping in a cold room is much better for your health and helps you sleep earlier.

The body temperature is about 98 Fahrenheit degrees. Thus, scientists have found out that when our body temperature drops, this makes things easier for us to sleep earlier and rest better.

Sleeping in a cold room also helps you to deal with stress since low temperature decreases the stress hormone. Moreover, if you are on a diet, sleeping in a cold room is recommended for burning calories.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of sleeping in a room with cold temperatures, please have a look at the following video and don’t forget to share your opinions with us.



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